Department for Education

Founded: 2010

Headquarter: London, United Kingdom

The Department for Education (DfE) is a department of Her Majesty's Government responsible for child protection, education (compulsory, further and higher education), apprenticeships and broader skills in England.


DfE's model was previously a self-service based function, therefore, there was no central HR & Talent team dedicated to operations work. They are now moving to a new model to better support the business strategically and proactively.

By Implementing Horsefly

The team can transition into a business partner approach, where they can now support future workforce planning decisions. They are also reviewing their go-to-market strategy using Horsefly to understand the optimum job titles to use and improving job copy by using the top associated skills keywords linked to their target talent pool.

Having a deeper understanding of the real-time language of the candidate market has had a positive impact on attraction as they now connect and resonate better with their target audience.