Why is Horsefly Different?

When making key business decisions, you need labor market intelligence you can trust. Unlike some of our competitors, all data in Horsefly has gone through extensive procedures to clean and validate the data, ensuring timely and accurate insights. Our labor market information is trusted by some of the world’s top companies and public sector organizations, and is why many employers consider us a global leader when it comes to talent market data.

Talent Data Compiled from
Thousands of Sources Around the World

Just a snapshot of some of the data that makes Horsefly the most comprehensive talent acquisition data platform available.


Job Postings

We compile thousands of job postings a day to ensure an accurate picture of demand, and look at job vacancies to gauge supply.


University Metrics

See what universities are producing the qualified and skilled graduates that are the future of your company, helping to drive your career programs.


User Profiles

Information is taken from social profiles, to get a robust picture of availability of talent.

Smarter & More Informed Hiring Strategies

Unlock Accurate Labor Market Data with Horsefly:

With Horsefly, you can leverage our comprehensive labor market data to identify and connect with the right talent for your organization, even when dealing with these more niche pain points.

Horsefly helps with:

Difficulty in Measuring the Right Metrics

One of the biggest challenges for HR managers is measuring the right metrics to make data-driven decisions. Metrics such as candidate quality, hiring speed, employee retention rate, and workforce productivity require a sophisticated analytics system that can provide accurate data on a real-time basis. Without the right set of data, HR managers may find it challenging to identify patterns and make informed decisions.

Inadequate Integration of Existing Technologies

The integration of new software can be a complex process, especially if the existing software is outdated, incompatible, or lacks the necessary customization features. Buyers of labor analytics software need to ensure that their new software can seamlessly integrate with their existing systems without any disruptions.

Limited Customization Capabilities

Every business operates differently, and as such, requires a unique set of data and analytics. Labor analytics software needs to be customizable to meet the business's specific needs and provide the necessary data visualization for different teams and roles within the organization.

Explore Our Data

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Accurate Data with One Click in a User Friendly Interface

  • Research specific skills and job titles that are important for your search in a city, region, or country. Compare locations to find the best talent pool. Widen or shrink your candidate options by adding or removing requirements or skills.
  • Everyday, Horsefly aggregates millions of social profiles to come up with supply metrics that can be filtered by experience, gender, job title, keywords and more - allowing you to gauge the true supply of the position you are recruiting for.


Make Offers That Win Candidates

  • Horsefly has updated salary information for any job title or skill set in any location.
  • Real-time aggregation of job postings gives insight into skills that are in high demand and which competitors are looking for them. Armed with data will ensure you're offering candidates in demand competitive compensation.


Find Hidden and Cost Effective Talent Pools

  • Heat maps allow you to hone in on areas that have the supply of candidates you're looking for, at the right price.
  • Compare locations around the world - quickly see available candidates, job adverts and average salary down to the town level for any position.


Accurately Benchmark Diversity of the Talent Pool

  • Beat the gender gap by seeing the actual breakdown of males and females for a specific position in a certain location.
  • Use Horsefly data and research to set realistic targets, in terms of location, diversity, experience and skill level.


Find Niche Talent and The Exact Candidates You're looking for

  • Our labor market intelligence search interface is extremely intuitive and supports comparing custom micro-regions - i.e., a city plus a radius around it, for example, Paris + 20 miles
  • Once you choose your countries or cities to compare, enter search terms - job titles or skills, and exclude search terms when necessary. This level of granularity is unmatched in any other interface


See Where Your Targeted Candidates Are Working

Take any set of skills or job titles in any location and see where candidates matching your exact criteria are located. Use these insights to drive recruitment strategy.

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