Your talent pipeline is your business’s lifeline.

The future of workforce planning is now. Say goodbye to the days of unrealized potential for internal talent, inefficient recruiting, and disconnects between your people strategy and business goals. With Horsefly, global companies combine external and internal talent data for insights to drive cross-functional talent strategies forward.

Realize the Potential of Your Workforce

With Horsefly’s AI-powered Platform and API, get holistic access to data at both macro and micro levels, including:

  • Data around existing talent pools
  • Talent acquisition costs
  • Skills and competencies
  • Competitor analysis
  • Diversity recruitment tracking
  • Hidden talent pools
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Take Action With Intelligent Insights

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Analyze Gaps in Real Time

Get immediate insights into trending skills and roles within your industry and assess internal talent availability versus external talent market supply and costs.


Benchmark Compensation

Structure competitive compensation packages with aggregate views into compensation data from across the industry, globally, offering clear benchmarks.


Predict Talent Needs

Proactively build talent pools and reduce time to hire using predictive analytics to forecast future talent gaps.

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Outposition Competitors

Leverage insight into where competitors are sourcing talent to identify alternative talent pools.



Get ahead of talent movement, such as when employees typically seek new opportunities or which roles have higher turnover.

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Ensure Equitable Hiring

Meet diversity goals with comprehensive data on gender breakdowns and ethnicity insights for specific job roles, skill sets, and companies worldwide.

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