If you don’t know, you don’t know.

Your global TA strategy is too critical to depend on front-page trends or unreliable data. An incomplete or dated view of the true global talent landscape invites more competition, slows hiring speed, and increases acquisition costs. With Horsefly, hiring leaders leverage the most holistic talent data set on the planet to recruit and hire like nobody else's business.

Power Global TA Research With Real-time Data


Assess Talent Demand

Assess talent demand across more than 60 countries and 170,000 towns/cities, or compare multiple areas using real-time data from millions of job postings.


Find Skills

Understand available talent pools by location with up-to-date aggregation of skills in target external markets combined with your internal pipeline.


Benchmark Compensation 

Analyze salaries by job title, experience, skills, background, and location down to the town level to maximize hiring budgets.


Gain Competitive Advantage

Access job titles, skills, and hiring data directly from your competitors.

Plan Global TA Strategies With Accurate Insights

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Reliable Global Data

Powered by advanced AI, Horsefly cleanses and compiles data from hundreds of sources to create the most extensive and accurate taxonomy on the market.

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Company Hiring Data

Horsefly provides a curated list of top companies employing the desired mix of roles and skills within any search criteria.

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Diversity & Ethnicity Data

Location-specific insights help identify ethnicity and gender breakdowns for specific job roles and skill sets around the world.

longitudinal trends and future projections@2x

Longitudinal Trends & Future Projections

Historic trend analysis and future projections deliver assessments of up to three years of talent supply and demand movement in target markets.

Recruit Globally With Confidence

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 Language Translation

Speak talents’ language with native translation of 550,000 job titles and skills.

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Generate lists of the top 20 skills keywords used in talent profiles and recruitment advertising to tailor your message for the right audience.

contractor salaries@2x

Contractor Salaries

Access both daily and annual compensation data to improve engagement and hiring speed for contract work.

contextual commentary@2x

Contextual Commentary

Save time analyzing data with automated text summaries of key insights tailored to your specific talent search.

Our Data in Action

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 Labor Supply

  • Every day, Horsefly aggregates millions of online job postings to come up with supply metrics that can be filtered by experience, gender, job title, keywords, and more — allowing you to gauge the true supply of the position you are recruiting for.
  • Drill down to choose the job titles and specific skills that are key in your search to see talent supply in a country or city — using the exact criteria you entered.
  • Compare locations to see where your best chance of finding talent is, and add and remove skills and requirements to both widen and shrink your talent pool.


  • Real-time aggregation of job postings gives insight into skills that are in high demand and which competitors are looking for them. 
  • View Supply & Demand data for any set of skills or job titles in almost any location.
  • Ensure you're offering competitive compensation for top talent.
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  • Use heatmaps to find and compare places in the world that have the talent you need at the right cost.
  • Ideal tool to locate the geography of skills for remote employees.
  • Find markets with the niche talent you need that you might have never even considered.


  • Compare salaries around the world with one click. For those tough-to-fill roles, provide your hiring manager with options ranging from salary adjustments, alternative skill profiles, and innovative targeting to reassessing the internal role requirements.
  • Conduct in-depth analysis of the general job market and your competitor’s job offerings to compose the most attractive compensation packages.
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