Win the Global War for Talent by Using the Most Accurate and Comprehensive Data Available

Your strategic and hiring decisions are only as good as the data you are using. With recent changes to the workplace, companies now need to look beyond their borders for talent. To do that successfully, you need accurate global data to produce accurate insights.

Why Horsefly is the Labor Market Data Platform You Should Rely On

When making key business decisions, you need data you can trust. Unlike some of our competitors, all data in Horsefly has gone through extensive procedures to clean and validate the data, ensuring timely and accurate data.

Problems With Leading Talent Data Platforms

For you to make informed decisions, you need to be sure the data set that you are using is accurate and up to date.

Limited Data Input

Poor Data In = Poor Results

Some platforms compile data from a few main job boards, or government data, which tends to lag behind actual supply and demand.

Not Up To Date

The Labor Market is Changing by the Minute

Some platforms don't update their data daily

Lack of Granularity

Hone in on the Exact Skills You Need, Where You Need them.

Running extremely detailed searches is key to yielding actionable results. Many platforms don't have the depth of job titles and skills that Horsefly has.

Horsefly: The Premier Talent Analytics Platform

The Clear Choice for Accurate and Timely Talent Market Insights

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Job Postings

We compile thousands of job postings a day to ensure an accurate picture of demand.

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Social Profiles

Information is taken from social profiles, to get a robust picture of availability of talent.

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University Metrics

See what universities are producing the graduates that are the future of your company.

Explore Our Data

The Most Accurate Labor Market Data Available


Find the Skills Your Business Needs

  • Drill down to choose the job titles and specific skills that are key in your search to see the candidate supply in a country or city. Easily compare locations to see where your best chance of finding candidates is,
  • Everyday, Horsefly aggregates millions of social profiles to come up with supply metrics that can be filtered by experience, gender, job title, keywords and more - allowing you to gauge the true supply of the position you are recruiting for.
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Ensure You're Paying Market Rate and Benchmark Against Your Competitors

  • Compare salary averages around the world.
  • See compensation averages by specific combinations of skills or job title, all while filtering by experience level and gender.
  • Never have a job offer declined again over insufficient compensation.

Search Tools to Find Exactly What You Need

  • Granular search lets you create custom locations (for example, Beijing + a 20 mile radius) - making it easy to compare supply, demand and average salaries for multiple locations with one click.
  • Native translation of 550,000 job titles & skills helps you craft the right job description and search on the right terms.
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Accurately Benchmark Gender Diversity of the Talent Pool

  • See the true makeup of males and female in any role so you're not benchmarking your company against a false 50/50 standard.
  • Contribute to your company's diversity policy by showing how and where recruitment can have a positive impact.
  • Use Horsefly data and knowledge to set realistic targets, in terms of location, diversity, experience and skill level.

See Where Your Targets Are Working - Recruit More Effectively

For any city, town or country in our database, enter the exact criteria you're looking for and see where those candidates are currently working.

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Overlay Maps with Supply & Demand Data

Horsefly allows our customers to download our data to pdf or csv, making it easy to input our data into your models to create customised reports. Our interface also creates visual heat maps so you can quickly analyse the job market for any skill

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