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TELUS International

With the rapid expansion of TELUS International’s business, there was mounting pressure on the Talent Acquisition team to provide timely & accurate talent data. See how Horsefly helped.



Mimecast found that by using Horsefly Analytics, they got a deeper insight into the skills they needed to hire the right people for their new IT team. 



How utilization of Labor Market Data saved a global energy provider over $35 million



Read how a top UK based recruitment firm used Horsefly to save time & create reports that were invaluable to senior management.


UK Home Office

The UK Home Office needed to attract hard to find digital talent and reduce the spend on agency roles, as well as improve diversity.


Admiral Group Plc

Admiral was able to use Horsefly's data to meet their diversity and hiring goals, while being able to better define product roadmaps.



See how Accenture used Horsefly to make informed strategic decisions.


HM Revenue and Customs

HMRC need to understand regional variances in talent and improve their go-to-market strategy.


Nationwide Building Society

Undertaking a large IT Transformation Project meant mapping the UK for specific skill-sets and understanding the national market.


Network Rail

Network Rail needed to examine the rail industry at a skill level and expand beyond using current data sources.


Resource Solutions

Horsefly helped Resource Solutions identify optimum locations for clients to source talent in new locations.


Virgin Media

Virgin needed to become more proactive and start identifying and attracting certain groups of talent.



Read how a top UK recruitment agency leverages Horsefly's data to create better outcomes for their clients.

Smarter & More Informed Hiring Strategies

Unlock Accurate Labor Market Data with Horsefly:

With Horsefly, you can leverage our comprehensive labor market data to identify and connect with the right talent for your organization, even when dealing with these more niche pain points.

Horsefly helps with:

Need for accurate and reliable global data

Accurate and reliable data is essential for making informed decisions about the workforce. However, companies may struggle to find data that is both accurate and global in scope. Labor analytics software can help by providing access to a wealth of data from around the world.

Addressing current and future skill gaps

Companies need to be able to identify current and future skill gaps to enable effective workforce planning. Labor analytics software can provide insights into the skills required for the workforce of the future, ensuring that companies remain ahead of the curve.

Finding sustainable talent

Hiring sustainable talent is essential for long-term success, but companies may struggle to find the talent they need. Labor analytics software can help by identifying pools of sustainable talent and providing insights into how to attract and retain them. Horsefly can help identify potential sources of talent and map out a strategy for recruiting and retaining top talent.

Top Enterprises Rely on Horsefly:


Jonny Bohane

Lead Content Executive at Resource Solutions

Horsefly allowed us to relay knowledge to our clients and share insights into the UK market to gain trust with the Hiring Managers.

David Scott

David Scott

Technology Recruitment Manager at Nationwide Building Society

Prior to Horsefly, we could give an opinion but not really back it up with anything reliable and tangible in terms of data.

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