Diversity Analytics & Data

How can you measure Diversity & Inclusion efforts at your company? And how can you be sure that you're using accurate diversity benchmarks to set realistic goals? Horsefly Analytics now provides up-to-date ethnicity breakdowns for any set of skills and job titles – in most locations around the world.

Now you can view the true ethnicity breakdown for any position, and then set appropriate benchmarks for your business. Combining diversity metrics with the many talent analytics and HR tools Horsefly offers empowers you to quickly put together insightful reports and dashboards that drive increased business performance.

Horsefly's diversity data set is what your business needs to harness the power of a diverse workforce. It gives you diversity data that is accurate, easy to understand, and customisable by location and job title/skills. The result is accurate, powerful benchmarking.

Why do you need ethnicity data? Because diverse organizations are high performing ones. In 2017, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) published a study that showed diversity was a driver of innovation - diverse teams produce 19% more revenue, among other benefits. Workplace diversity also leads to creativity – more diverse teams lead to a myriad of diverse viewpoints, which in turn increases diverse solutions.

The challenge for many organizations of diversity analytics is that getting accurate diversity data. Diversity is challenging to both present and track in a simple and accurate manner, so many companies have given up. But setting and meeting diversity goals has immense benefit for your company. The data can empower leaders to hire and appoint more women and underrepresented groups to leadership roles, shifting social norms.


Data allows you to look at DE&I the same way you look at other parts of your business. You can use it to gain actionable insight into where your company currently stands.

Achieving diversity goals requires planning, feedback, and accountability. But most importantly, it requires accurate benchmarks that can be used as diversity KPIs. Just as data drives business decisions on expansion, hiring, and strategy, it should also drive decisions on diversity and inclusion.

Diversity is a Key Innovation Driver

Diversity analytics provide an unbiased way to increase inclusion, overcome unconscious biases, and make sure your desired candidates accept offers.


Diversity Recruiting:Become a More Attractive Employer to Diverse Candidates

In a competitive global job market, demonstrating that your business is invested in creating a diverse company can make you stand out to the right candidates. By hiring employers and leaders from diverse backgrounds, your business sends a message to your communities that it cares about diversity, making your company more attractive to candidates across the board, as well as investors and clients.


Employee Engagement:Increase Retention & Employee Engagement

Diverse teams are more satisfied with their workplace, increasing retention, as diversity indicates an environment of mutual respect. Use diversity data to create programs that increase employee engagement and ensure you're hiring underrepresented communities.


A Global Viewpoint:Diverse Teams Help You Look at a Bigger Picture

Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows us to achieve success in problems of all levels.


Diversity Benchmarks:Accurate Diversity Data is Key in Setting and Meeting Benchmarks

Use our ethnicity data to set realistic diversity targets regarding location, diversity, experience and skill level. Horsefly also compiles gender data to help you increase gender equality among your organisation.


Horsefly's Diversity Analytics are a combination of social profiles, government demographics, market segmentation and probability that all combine, using our algorithm, to yield the most accurate diversity metrics available in the market today.

Ethnicity & Diversity Data You Can Rely On

All in one easy to use online platform that can be learned in minutes

Based on Trusted Government Sources and Public Profiles

We use a variety of trusted government sources, publicly available social profiles and job postings, and then we combine them with our own data to come up with the most accurate ethnicity and gender data on the talent pool available today.

Plus a Combination of Horsefly's Accurate Labour Market Data

Horsefly Analytics compiles the most accurate labour market supply & demand data on the market today. We compile our data from thousands of sources. <a href="/talentmarketdata">Learn more about our data and process to ensure accuracy.</a>

Tested - 95% Accurate

We've tested our workforce diversity data against the data of some of our largest clients (who shared their internal metrics with us) and have found it to be 95% accurate - an unprecedented level of accuracy for data that traditionally isn't easily available or transparent.

Ideal for Diversity Teams, Workforce Planning, Business Planning and Talent Acquisition Teams

Develop a diversity dashboard and increase equality with ease by using our ethnicity data. Data and metrics can be downloaded from our platform, so they can be utilised in your own analytics and diversity goal planning. Our DE&I data allows you to get a true picture of the ethnic makeup of candidates for any selected talent pool, giving you accurate benchmarks of the exact market you're looking at. <br /> <br /> Horsefly Analytics is the premier resource for labour market data. Ethnicity data is just our latest feature that we developed at our clients' request. Learn more about why our tool is ideal for talent acquisition and business planning, and yields actionable insights at the click of a mouse.