Why do you need ethnicity data? Because diverse organizations are high performing ones. In 2017, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) published a study that showed diversity was a driver of innovation - diverse teams produce 19% more revenue, among other benefits. Workplace diversity also leads to creativity – more diverse teams lead to a myriad of diverse viewpoints, which in turn increases diverse solutions.

The challenge for many organizations of diversity analytics is that getting accurate diversity data. Diversity is challenging to both present and track in a simple and accurate manner, so many companies have given up. But setting and meeting diversity goals has immense benefit for your company. The data can empower leaders to hire and appoint more women and underrepresented groups to leadership roles, shifting social norms.


Achieving diversity goals requires planning, feedback, and accountability. That requires accurate benchmarks that can be used as diversity KPIs. Just as data drives business decisions on expansion, hiring, and strategy, it should also drive decisions on diversity and inclusion.

Horsefly's Diversity Analytics are a combination of social profiles, government demographics, market segmentation, and probability that all combine, using our algorithm, to yield the most accurate diversity metrics available in the market today.

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