Ethnicity & Diversity Data Analytics

Ethnicity & Diversity Data

How can you measure Diversity & Inclusion efforts at your company and be sure that you're using accurate diversity benchmarks to set realistic goals? Horsefly Analytics now provides up-to-date ethnicity breakdowns for any set of skills, job titles, in most locations around the world, so you can view the true ethnicity breakdown for any position, and then set appropriate benchmarks for your business.

Why do you need ethnicity data? Because diverse organisations are high performing ones. In 2017, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) published a study that showed diversity was a driver of innovation - diverse teams produce 19% more revenue, among other benefits.

Diversity is a Key Innovation Driver

Your organisation needs accurate ethnicity and diversity data to successfully recruit diverse candidates and have a positive impact on your organisation

Diversity Recruiting

Become a More Attractive Employer to Diverse Candidates

In a competitive global job market, demonstrating that your business is invested creating a diverse company can make you stand out to the right candidates.

Employee Engagement

Increase Retention & Employee Engagement

Diverse teams are more satisfied with their workplace, increasing retention. Use diversity data to increase employee engagement and ensure to hire underrepresented communities.

Diversity Benchmarks

Accurate Diversity Data is Key in Setting and Meeting Benchmarks

Use our ethnicity data to set realistic diversity targets, in terms of location, diversity, experience and skill level.

Ethnicity & Diversity Data You Can Rely On

All in one easy to use online platform that can be learned in minutes

Based on Trusted Government Sources

We use a variety of trusted government sources and combine them with our own data to come up with the most accurate ethnicity data available today.

Plus a Combination of Horsefly's Accurate Labour Market Data

Horsefly Analytics compiles the most accurate labour market supply & demand data on the market today, compiled from thousands of sources. Learn more about our data and process to ensure accuracy.

Tested - 95% Accurate

We've tested our workforce diversity data against the data of some of our largest clients (who shared their internal metrics with us) and have found it to be 95% accurate.

Ideal for Diversity Teams, Workforce Planning, Business Planning and Talent Acquisition Teams

Horsefly Analytics is the premier resource for labour market data. Ethnicity data is just our latest feature that we developed at our clients request. Learn more about why our tool is ideal for talent acquisition and business planning.