Accurately Plan for the Future of Work with the Most Complete and Accurate Labor Market Data Available

Horsefly gathers labor market data from around the globe to quickly paint a real time picture of the talent market. Accurately benchmark gender gaps, understand supply & demand, and find hidden talent pools for any position or skill set your business needs.

Why is Horsefly Different?

When making key business decisions, you need data you can trust. Unlike some of our competitors, all data in Horsefly has gone through extensive procedures to clean and validate the data, ensuring timely and accurate data.

Talent Data Compiled from
Thousands of Sources Around the World

Just a snapshot of some of the data that makes Horsefly the most comprehensive talent acquisition data platform available.

Job Postings

We compile thousands of job postings a day to ensure an accurate picture of demand.

University Metrics

See what universities are producing the graduates that are the future of your company.

User Profiles

Information is taken from social profiles, to get a robust picture of availability of talent.

Questions Horsefly Can Answer

Our data can be used to drive strategy across your organization


Where is the Ideal Place for a Business Expansion?

Horsefly can let you zero in on areas of the world that have the talent your business needs, at the most cost efficient salary range.


Should We Consider Hiring Remote Candidates Instead of On-site?

Would opening up to remote candidates significantly increase the pool of available talent?


Are We Doing a Good Job in Hiring Women?

Use Horsefly's data to see the average gender gap for specific job roles and skill sets; benchmark your organization against the actual supply of female or male candidates.

Explore Our Data

A One Stop Shop for Workforce Planning Teams, Talent Acquisition and Business Planning Groups

Supply data

Find the Skills Your Business Needs

Drill down to choose the job titles and specific skills that are key in your search to see the candidate supply in a country or city. Easily compare locations to see where your best chance of finding candidates is, and add and remove skills and requirements to both widen and shrink your talent pool.

Everyday, Horsefly aggregates millions of social profiles to come up with supply metrics that can be filtered by experience, gender, job title, keywords and more - allowing you to gauge the true supply of the position you are recruiting for.

Demand data

Get Ahead of the Competition with Timely Demand Data

Real time aggregation of job postings gives insight into skills that are in high demand, and which competitors are looking for them. Ensure you're offering candidates who are in demand competitive compensation.

Job titles & keywords

Speak The Same Language as Candidates

  • Native translation of 550,000 job titles & skills helps you craft the right job description and search on the right terms.
  • Use the correct langugage to develop an effective brand presence that reflects your culture.
Diversity & gender data

Accurately Benchmark Diversity of the Talent Pool

  • Contribute to your company's diversity policy by showing how and where recruitment can have a positive impact.
  • Use Horsefly data and knowledge to set realistic targets, in terms of location, diversity, experience and skill level.
University data

Build Your Future Workforce

See which universities are producing graduates with the skill sets your business needs now, and in the future. Make sure to target the right schools to build your future team.

Compensation data

Ensure You're Paying Market Rate and Benchmark Against Your Competitors

See compensation averages by specific combinations of skills or job title, all while filtering by experience level and gender. Never have a job offer declined again over insufficient compensation.

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