What are Labor Market Analytics?

Why Labor Market Analytics & Tools are the future of data based hiring.

Why Should You Use Labor Market Analytics?

Relying on labor market analytics is the future of hiring. As platforms like Horsefly Analytics grow and expand their datasets, the level and granularity of data allows you to gain unparalleled insight into a specific location's supply and demand. Using information derived from labor market analytics is invaluable for attracting and hiring top tier talent and getting an edge over competitors.

45% of companies now ignore geographies when hiring - creating global competition in the labor market that hasn't been seen before.

As employees rely more and more upon technology and spend increasingly less time in physical offices, workforce planning is undergoing rapid changes to keep up. Utilizing labor market analytics and talent mapping tools, like Horsefly Analytics, enables you to adapt to the new way of hiring - focusing on skills, not location.
As companies like Horsefly Analytics grow and expand, the level of data accessible in their platform means it is possible to gain far greater insights into conditions in a given geography than ever before. This information can prove invaluable in creating a competitive advantage to your company when it comes to locating and securing top-shelf talent.

What Data Does Labor Market Analytics Provide?

By compiling all publicly available sources on the internet, labor market analytics platforms like Horsefly help you gain near real time insights on global supply & demand, salary average and diversity.

Job Title Data

Speak the same language as your candidates and ensure you're using the correct job titles. Horsefly has over 550,000 job titles and taxonomies.

Compensation Data

Get average compensation data for varying experience levels and ensure your team is fairly compensated, lowering expensive turnover costs.

Diversity & Gender Data

Benchmark your organization against a location's gender averages for specific skills and job titles, so you can set realistic expectations about diversity.

Who Needs Labor Market Analytics and Tools?

Labor market analytics are essential for any growing business, but here are some of the many users who use labor market analytics on a daily basis

Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Teams

Workforce Planning

Strategy & Business Planning

Human Resources

Uses of Labor Market Data

ESG Benchmarking

Ensure you're building a diverse workforce.

Geographic Expansion

Don't expand without accurate supply & demand data.

Compensation Data

Properly compensate new and current employees with benchmarking data.

Where Can I Find Labor Market Data?

Horsefly Analytics is a easy to use technology platform that compiles global talent data and profiles from thousands of sources, enabling companies to make smarter and more strategic decisions about their workforce.

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