What are Labor Insights?

The Horsefly Analytics platform provides labour insights for recruitment, talent acquisition, business planning, and workforce planning teams. With it, your company can glean powerful labour market insights.

The result is that your business can make informed decisions when recruiting candidates and planning for the future. See below how the Horsefly Analytics platform can change the game for your business.

How Horsefly Generates Powerful Labour Market Insights

Labour insights come from the analysis of labour market information and data.

If you'd like to learn more about labour market analytics and how Horsefly helps in that regard, click the link above. We provide some great info on the various labor market analytics tools Horsefly offers and how analytics can help your business.

Traditionally, labour market data came from government sources. But today, talent analytics platforms like Horsefly take data far beyond traditional sources.

It is the far-reaching breadth of this data that makes Horsefly so capable of driving powerful insight. You can form a more accurate picture of the workforce market than ever before.

Some of the data sources Horsefly Analytics incorporates are:

blue job posting

Global Job Postings

Data is compiled from hundreds of millions of employer postings, enabling a true view of market demand.

blue gender diversity

Government and Public Data Sources

We utilise official records and statistics from government sources around the globe.

blue user profiles

Online Profiles

Get a real time and granular view of supply through compilation of millions of public profiles where candidates report their location, skills, education, and job history.

How You Gain Insight From this Data

The global economy is rapidly changing. Labor market data helps you account for this constant shifting in economic growth and decline. It helps in both big picture planning and searching for individual candidates. You can use the insight gained from it to make smarter decisions about:

  • Where to expand

  • How to write job descriptions

  • And what to pay candidates to ensure they accept offers

Examples of Labour Insights

Some examples of the insights you can reach with Horsefly's data and analytics tools:

Compensation Information

Finding the average income for chief data officers in Spain.

Career Progression Data

Seeing typical career paths for Java developers in India.

Contractor Day Pay Rates

Accessing the average day rate for a project manager in London.

Gender and Diversity Metrics

Finding the region with the greatest supply of female and minority web designers.

Who Needs Labor Insights

Labor market insights are essential for any growing business, but here are just a few groups who need a platform to quickly analyze labor market data:


Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Teams


Workforce Planning


Strategy & Business Planning


Human Resources

Uses of Labor Market Data


ESG Benchmarking

Ensure you're building a diverse workforce by getting accurate ethnicity and DEI data.


Geographic Expansion

Don't expand without accurate supply & demand data. This data and the insight gained from it will mitigate any risk involved with expansion.


Compensation Data

Properly compensate new and current employees with benchmarking data. Access accurate employment data on salary.

Where Can I Find Labor Market Data?

Horsefly Analytics is an easy-to-use technology platform that compiles global talent data and profiles from thousands of sources, enabling companies to make smarter and more strategic decisions about their workforce. Whether you are in the UK labour market or anywhere else, Horsefly can help.

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