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Be Seen as The Expert Voice. Stand Out From the Competition. Differentiate Your Firm with Talent Analytics, Labour Market Data and Insightful Reports.

Delight your clients and prospects by utilising global talent market data to help them make smarter hiring and strategic decisions. Ideal for RPOs and recruitment agencies who want to incorporate data into their decision making process.

What Our Leading RPO Clients Say About Horsefly:

Sarah Howard

Group Head of Marketing, Communications & Research, Serocor

"How can you do your job without all this data? Horsefly will absolutely give you a seat at the table and build your credibility and trust with your internal stakeholders at all levels. Can't recommend Horsefly enough."

Samm Bain

Head of Media, Pertemps

"Horsefly is a great easy to use tool that provides you with candidate and market insight to help your business make effective decisions. Horsefly is the right tool in the right hands."

Business Development Team


"We essentially use Horsefly to help us fill more jobs quickly... The team has been more efficient as a direct result,and what used to take a half-day now takes minutes using Horsefly."

Become a Trusted Advisor. Increase Your Brand and Reputation as a Subject Matter Expert. Provide Your Clients and Prospects with Customized Talent Maps, Reports, and Industry Data - all of which can be easily downloaded and exported into pdf and csv files.

How to be Seen as The Expert Voice:

Challenge Stakeholders throughout the process by providing actionable and accurate data that guides clients' future strategies.

Set Budget Expectations

Provide accurate salary data on individual job titles or roles to manage budgets and expectation.

Assess Role Filability

Quickly gauge how easy a particular role will be able to be filled and look for alternative job titles for in demand talent.

Easily Create Sourcing Plans

Create customised sourcing plans based on the supply and demand talent map, using a combination of factors including supply and demand, length of experience, and looking at the competitor landscape.

Leverage Impactful and Visual Data

Put together powerful data visualisations in mere minutes to show the availability of talent for any role, skill set or location around the world.

Close the Gender Gap

View Gender Gap data for any position to understand the true pool of female candidates.

Horsefly is the Ideal Tool for RPOs & Recruitment Teams

Quickly create customised reports and overviews for clients and prospects that drive hiring, and position you as a strategic advisor.

Powerful and Simple Platform

Powerful and Simple Platform

Easy for your team to learn. Analyze data in minutes, and quickly generate visual results such as global heat maps. Data is easily exportable to pdf and csv files.

Hands on Customer Support Team

Hands on Customer Support Team

Horsefly Analytics offers an high degree of customized support to our clients. Our team works with customers every step of the way from adoption, to identifying clear ROIs and delivering upon them.

Most Accurate & Complete Dataset

Most Accurate & Complete Dataset

Data is compiled from hundreds of sources, and by using artificial intelligence tools, our platform adjusts and becomes more insightful by the day. We take extensive measures to clean our data and ensure its accuracy.

Horsefly Contains All The Data You Need to Put Together Insights That Set Your Firm Apart From The Competition

Everyday Horsefly aggregates millions of online job postings to come up with supply metrics that can be filtered by experience, gender, job title, keywords and more - allowing you to put together an unlimited amount of insightful reports to position your firm as a thought leader, ultimately driving revenue by winning bids and tenders.

Explore just some of the datasets in our platform, all downloadable to pdf and csv:

Labor market supply data

Insightful Labour Market Reports in One Click

  • Easily compare locations to see where your best chance of finding candidates is, and add and remove skills and requirements to both widen and shrink your talent pool.
  • Gender data can be used to support initiatives around promoting and building female talent from within organisations.
Labor market supply data
Company data
Company data

See Where Your Targets Are Currently Working

  • Perfect for RPOs and recruitment teams, Horsefly lets you create a combination of any set of skills, job titles and location to quickly see where candidates matching your search criteria are currently working.
  • Explore further by clicking on any company and see where they are hiring from and which companies they are losing employees to.
  • See which companies are hiring hard to fill roles, and where their employees are leaving to.
Explore talent globally

Use Heatmaps to Hone in on Talent Pools

  • Help drive your client's expansion initiatives by comparing supply and demand in locations around the world.
  • Use Horsefly's heatmaps to find and compare places in the world that talent at the right price.
  • You can also create custom locations, for example, Bangalore + 50 miles.
Use Heatmaps to Hone in on Talent Pools
Accurate compensation data
Get accurate compensation data

Set Client Expectations With Average Salary Data

Ensure you and your clients are on the same page regarding compensation for candidates. For tough to fill roles, provide clients with options ranging from salary adjustments, alternative skill profiles, innovative targeting to re-assessing role requirements.

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