Finding the right talent has become mission critical in driving your business to success. The search for certain skills is extremely competitive, and today's talent acquisition teams need to be armed with data to quickly find and successfully hire on in-demand candidates. Talent supply shortages are a real risk to your business.

Horsefly takes extensive steps to clean and verify our data, ensuring you have the most accurate information to base your decisions upon


Streamline your Talent Acquisition Research

Use continuously updated data to make successful hires around the world

Speak the Same Language as Candidates

Speak the Same Language as Candidates

Speak candidates' language with native translation of 550,000 job titles & skills.

Review & Compare Supply Data

Review & Compare Supply Data

Look for skill sets in target markets to get real time data on the supply of your desired candidates, and compare supply in different locations.

Global Demand Data

Global Demand Data

Horsefly contains real and current job postings to enable you to accurately assess demand for talent. Easily compare data from multiple locations in one report.

Real Time Compensation Data

Real Time Compensation Data

Quickly assess market rate compensation ranges to keep candidates engaged. Analyze salaries by experience, skills, and location down to the town level ensuring compensation is consistent with competitors.

Smarter & More Informed Hiring Strategies

Unlock Accurate Labor Market Data with Horsefly:

With Horsefly, you can leverage our comprehensive labor market data to identify and connect with the right talent for your organization, even when dealing with these more niche pain points.

Horsefly helps with:

Need for accurate and reliable global data

Accurate and reliable data is essential for making informed decisions about the workforce. However, companies may struggle to find data that is both accurate and global in scope. Labor analytics software can help by providing access to a wealth of data from around the world.

Addressing current and future skill gaps

Companies need to be able to identify current and future skill gaps to enable effective workforce planning. Labor analytics software can provide insights into the skills required for the workforce of the future, ensuring that companies remain ahead of the curve.

Finding sustainable talent

Hiring sustainable talent is essential for long-term success, but companies may struggle to find the talent they need. Labor analytics software can help by identifying pools of sustainable talent and providing insights into how to attract and retain them. Horsefly can help identify potential sources of talent and map out a strategy for recruiting and retaining top talent.

Horsefly is the Ideal Tool for Recruitment

Don’t make hiring decisions on a whim. Use accurate data to get a sense of the full picture, Horsefly’s talent acquisition tools allowing you to take action based on data-backed evidence. You’ll always be able to find the right candidate and ensure your business’ success.


Powerful and Simple Platform

Analyze data in minutes, and quickly generate visual results such as global heat maps to compare supply and demand in multiple locations.

Our simple platform will guide you through the whole process, making the finding and hiring of new talent as easy as can be. Our comprehensive data analytics will allow you to streamline your recruitment process.


Hands on Customer Support Team

Horsefly Analytics offers an high degree of customized support to our clients. Our team works with customers every step of the way from adoption, to identifying clear ROIs and delivering upon them.

With years of experience building data platforms, we have all the necessary tools to deliver your company effective insight into recruitment trends. If at any point during the hiring process you need a helping land, our team of industry experts will be ready to step in with tailored customer support for your business.


More Accurate & Complete Dataset

Data is compiled from hundreds of sources, and by using artificial intelligence tools, our platform adjusts and becomes more insightful by the day. We take extensive measures to clean our data and ensure its accuracy.

Across data collection, compilation, cleaning, analysis, and presentation, our AI tools take care of the whole process. By relying on our data, you leave absolutely nothing up to chance, always getting the very best talent and insights delivered straight to your business.

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Horsefly Contains All the Talent Acquisition Analytics You Need to Hire Successfully

Explore just some of the datasets in our platform


Find The Skills Your Business Needs

  • Everyday Horsefly aggregates millions of online job postings to come up with supply metrics that can be filtered by experience, gender, job title, keywords and more - allowing you to gauge the true supply of the position you are recruiting for.
  • Drill down to choose the job titles and specific skills that are key in your search to see candidate supply in a country or city - using the exact criteria you entered. Our interface is user friendly and intuitive.
  • Easily compare locations to see where your best chance of finding candidates is, and add and remove skills and requirements to both widen and shrink your talent pool.
China Job Title Keyword Search Map

UK Supply and Demand Statistics, Gender Breakdown, and Experience Breakdown Graph

Get Ahead of the Competition with Timely Demand Data

  • Real time aggregation of job postings gives insight into skills that are in high demand, and which competitors are looking for them.
  • View Supply & Demand data for any set of skills or job titles in almost any location.
  • Ensure you're offering candidates who are in demand competitive compensation.


Use Heatmaps to Hone in on Talent Pools

  • Use Horsefly's heatmaps to find and compare places in the world that have the talent you need at the right cost.
  • Ideal tool for today's world, where finding remote employees has become increasingly popular and cost effective.
  • Find markets with the niche talent you need that you might have never even considered.
India Job Supply and Demand Heatmap

Compare Multiple Location's Salary

Ensure You're Paying Market Rate and Benchmark Against Your Competitors

  • Compare salaries around the world with one click. For those tough to fill roles, provide your hiring manager with options ranging from salary adjustments, alternative skill profiles, innovative targeting to re-assessing the internal role requirements.
  • By conducting in-depth analysis on the general job market and your competitor’s job offerings, you’ll making your hiring process a breeze. With Horsefly, you’ll always be able to offer fair salaries, benefits you’re your employees will love,

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