Aligning datasets and comparing metrics across internal and external feeds can be a time-consuming and an error-prone process. If you need scale or data imported into your internal or 3rd party tool, Horsefly is the partner to get you there. Horsefly Data API makes it easy to visualize the most important information in your own dashboards, allowing you to save time, reduce risk, and make better talent decisions faster.
  • Horsefly Data API offers the world the most expansive data set from over 60 countries and 160,000 cities.
  • Horsefly Data API seamlessly connects our external data with your internal data, amplifying your data’s value so you can make critical workforce decisions.
  • Horsefly Data API offers a customized query tool for real-time results. There is no restriction to your query depth providing you the granularity you need to make informed decisions about your skills and people.
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"We had three requirements: We needed highly customizable queries from locations across the globe to specific roles in niche industries. We needed a cost-effective option, and we needed to have the full data set available within two days. Horsefly was the only company that fit the bill."

— Gerardo Tobar
Project Sr. Team Leader of Talent Acquisition

Why Horsefly Data API?

Over 1 trillion labor market data points collected, sanitized, and organized from global social platforms, job boards, aggregation tools, government data, and more. Unifying your internal data with our comprehensive external dataset helps put your people strategy ahead of the curve. Are you ready to transform your data into actionable insights?

Are you ready to transform your data into actionable insights?

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