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With Horsefly, you can leverage our comprehensive labor market data to identify and connect with the right talent for your organization, even when dealing with these more niche pain points.

Horsefly helps with:

Need for accurate and reliable global data

Accurate and reliable data is essential for making informed decisions about the workforce. However, companies may struggle to find data that is both accurate and global in scope. Labor analytics software can help by providing access to a wealth of data from around the world.

Inaccurate representation in the workforce

Companies need to ensure that their workforce accurately reflects the diverse demographics of the population they serve. Labor analytics software can help identify and address gaps in representation.

Difficulty in finding and deploying talent

Organizations need to be able to find and deploy talent effectively, but this can be a complex process. Labor analytics software can help by providing workforce snapshots and benchmarks, identifying where talent gaps exist and helping companies to find the talent they need. Horsefly helps companies deploy their talent effectively to ensure optimal performance. Workforce snapshots and benchmarks provided by labor analytics software can help to achieve this.

Look into the Future of Hiring and Supercharge Your Talent Acquisition with the Most Accurate Labor Market Data and Analytics Available.

Explore Horsefly's Talent Intelligence Platform and Data - All Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Talent Intelligence tools are essential to workforce planning teams and HR leaders in achieving their recruitment goals. They help with finding specific skill sets, hiring diverse talent, and increasing employee engagement.

How do talent intelligence platforms work? They compile data from thousands of sources on candidate profiles, labor market data, and recruitment advertisements. They then combine these into accurate and actionable talent intelligence data.

Talent intelligence software can be used at a high level to look for locations to expand your talent pool. It can also be used in a more granular fashion. For example, benchmarking the diversity of your employees to that of the larger talent pool. Talent intelligence platforms also leverage machine learning when it comes to ethnicity data, and can predict with a high level of accuracy the ethnicity of a group of profiles.

When organizations are mapping their talent strategy, talent intelligence needs a seat at the table. The same is true for internal initiatives as well, such as career path mapping. For example, the Horsefly talent intelligence platform contains career path data. This data shows the most likely career paths that lead to and from a specific set of skills and job titles.

That insight can help recruiters and HR leaders plan career paths that keep employees engaged, reducing turnover costs and helping organizations mitigate the current talent shortage.

Features of the Horsefly Talent Intelligence Platform:

Granular Specific Search Lets You Find Exactly the Talent You Are Looking For

Begin by using our search interface, which allows you to customize your search and add skills, job titles and compare locations in all major markets - helping recruiters zero in on exactly the profile they are looking for

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Identify Talent at the City and Town Level

  • Find hidden talent pools by searching for specific skill sets by country, state and city.
  • Compare salary and supply & demand data for different geographic regions, and determine expansion opportunities and the talent landscape.
  • Understanding the external market helps you to make better decisions on how to target talent and reduce external recruiting costs.
  • Quickly map departmental relocation opportunities to reduce costs or time to hire. Don't rely on gut instinct.

Foster a More Diverse Workforce with Ethnicity Data

  • Horsefly Analytics provides up-to-date ethnicity breakdowns for any set of skills, job titles, in most locations around the world.
  • View the true ethnicity breakdown for any position, and then set appropriate benchmarks for your business.
  • In a competitive global job market, demonstrating that your business is invested in creating a diverse company can make you stand out to the right candidates.
  • Diverse teams are more satisfied with their workplace, increasing retention. Use diversity data to increase employee engagement and ensure to hire underrepresented communities.
  • We use a variety of trusted government sources and combine them with our own data to come up with the most accurate ethnicity data available today.
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Accurate Supply & Demand Data — Updated Daily

  • See the supply and demand for any set of skills, gender and experience level or job title.
  • Find hidden pools of talent in locations that might be more cost effective.
  • View the true gender makeup for any role, ensuring you benchmark your organisation against the actual supply of female or male candidates.

Speak candidates language with native translation of 350,000 Job titles & skills

  • Uncover and use candidates' skills language to make more personal and engaging contact.
  • Write better job descriptions that resonate with candidates.
  • Taxonomy that unifies the occupation categories between countries and helps everyone speak the same language.
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