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Salary Benchmarking and Tools

Accurate salary benchmarking information helps companies hire more smartly and keep key employees happy.

Our global salary benchmarking data allows you to quickly compare salary averages for any job title in any location globally - down to the town level.

Salary Benchmarking: Why is it important?

To retain and attract employees, they need to be paid fairly. Salary benchmarking tools like Horsefly Analytics enable you to accurately compare salary averages for different positions, locations and experience levels.


For Global Expansion

Find hidden pools of talent with lower average salaries by using salary benchmarking tools. Make informed global hiring decisions.


Beating the Gender Gap

Use salary benchmarking tools to ensure you are paying your female candidates and employees the same as males.

For Hiring Candidates

For Hiring Candidates

Get a real time and granular view of supply through compilation of millions of public profiles where candidates report their location, skills, education, and job history.

Why Should You Use Salary Benchmarking Tools?

Salary benchmarking data is ideal for ensuring that your team can hire and retain the candidates you need to succeed. Being able to quickly compare salaries in cities and countries around the world is a capability every growing organisation needs to hire successfully.

In this screenshot from Horsefly Analytics, you can see how salary benchmarking data can quickly show you how much it will cost to hire the same position in different markets globally. Quick access to salary data is essential for strategic and workforce planning teams.

Horsefly Results for multiple locations
Supply and Demand results in India

Salary Benchmarking Platforms Showcase Candidate Supply and Demand

Another example from Horsefly Analytics - a leading salary data source - shows us the average salary, supply and demand, and gender breakdown for specific search criteria that was used to filter candidates in India.

Salary benchmarking data lets you see exactly what hard to find candidates will expect to be paid in each locale, and how hard it will be to hire female candidates.

Smarter & More Informed Hiring Strategies

Unlock Accurate Labor Market Data with Horsefly:

With Horsefly, you can leverage our comprehensive labor market data to identify and connect with the right talent for your organization, even when dealing with these more niche pain points.

Horsefly helps with:

Difficulty in Identifying Top Talent

A study shows that employers who select the top 20% of candidates experience 30% higher profitability. However, identifying top talent has always been a challenge for businesses. With labor analytics software, companies can quickly scan through a large pool of applications and identify the best candidates with the right skill set and experience.

Staying within budget restrictions

Hiring in-demand candidates can be expensive, and companies need to be able to do so while staying within budget restrictions. Labor analytics software can help by providing insights into the cost of hiring and identifying ways to reduce those costs. Horsefly can help identify candidates with the most in-demand skills within the company's budget, saving both time and money.

Addressing current and future skill gaps

Companies need to be able to identify current and future skill gaps to enable effective workforce planning. Labor analytics software can provide insights into the skills required for the workforce of the future, ensuring that companies remain ahead of the curve.

Salary Benchmarking Tools: Who Uses Them?

Just some of the groups that need salary benchmarking data:

Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Teams
Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Teams
Workforce Planning
Workforce Planning
Strategy & Business Planning
Strategy & Business Planning
Human Resources
Human Resources

Where Can I Find Salary Benchmarking Tools?

Horsefly Analytics is an easy-to-use technology platform that compiles salary data from thousands of sources, enabling companies to make more intelligent and strategic decisions about compensation for existing and target employees.

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